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                        3K Laser -- laser and automation intelligent equipment solutions provider

                        3D dynamic large-scale marking machine
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                        Equipment introduction:

                        The 3D dynamic laser marking machine is suitable for 3D product engraving of large arc surface height drop. Equipped with a three-axis control "3-AXIS" to achieve free control of the focal length, high-precision marking in the three-dimensional shape. It can handle a variety of step surfaces and can also mark various shapes. Only by switching settings can you handle the focal length, marking position and shape changes of different products. Switching is done without physically moving the workpiece or laser marker. The focal length can be adjusted automatically, and the thickness can be etched and processed while tracking. The operation is simple and convenient, just select from the standard shape to convert to 3D settings. You can adjust the size or position while confirming the 3D preview. Schematic diagram of three-dimensional marking effect:

                        Applicable materials:

                        Metals and non-metals, alloys and oxides, ABS, epoxy resins, inks, etc.

                        Application industry:

                        Widely used in automotive parts, plastic buttons, integrated circuits, electronic components, electrical appliances, jewelry, hardware tools.

                        Product NameItemsBrandQTY
                        3D Dynamic Laser MarkingFrame Structure3K Laser1 Set
                        Laser GeneratorChina or Imported(Optional)1 Set
                        GalvanometerChina or Imported(Optional)1 Set
                        Software and Control Card3K Laser1 Set
                        Focus Mirror3K Laser1 Set
                        Power supply and Drive system3K Laser1 Set
                        PCIndustrial Computer1 Set
                        Workbench3K Laser1 Set

                        Output Power50W100W100W150W
                        Pulse Energy1mJ1mJ1mJ1mJ
                        Repeat Frequency50k-200kHz50k-200kHz50k-200kHz50k-200kHz
                        Processing ParameterIndicate LaserRed Light/655nm/Output 1.0MW/II Class
                        Marking area100*100*20mm to 600*600*80mm Option
                        Depth range±20mm±20mm±20mm±20mm±20mm±20mm±20mm±20mm
                        Marking modeXYZ Three-axis dynamic focus
                        Min line width0.03mm0.03mm0.03mm0.03mm0.03mm0.03mm0.03mm0.03mm
                        Whole machineEnvironmental requirementsTemperature:10℃-35℃ Humidity:5%-75%
                        Input power supply220V±10%,50Hz
                        Machine power consumption≤1200W≤1500W≤1500W≤1500W
                        Cooling SystemAirAirWaterWater
                        SoftwareOperate systemWINXP/WIN7
                        Support FontTrue type font,AUTOCAD Single line font,Customize Font
                        Input files formatPLT/DXF/DWG/SVG/STL/BMP/JPG/JPEG/PNG/TIF etc