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                        3K Laser -- laser and automation intelligent equipment solutions provider

                        Light bulb special laser marking machine
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                        Equipment introduction:

                        The special laser marking machine for light bulbs is a laser marking system integrated with fiber lasers. It is cooled by air cooling, which is easy to learn and has a rotating table with bulbs.

                        Applicable materials:

                        Metal and various non-metallic materials, high hardness alloys, oxides, electroplating, coating, ABS, epoxy resin, ink, ceramics, engineering plastics, etc.

                        Application industry:

                        Lighting industry.

                        Product NameItemsBrandQTYRemark
                        Laser Marking Machine for BulbFrame Structure3K Laser1 Setas Fig
                        Laser GeneratorIPG、SPI、V-Gen、 Nerfurn、JPT、MAX、Raycus(Option)1 Set
                        GalvanometerChina or Import (Option)1 Set
                        Software and Control CardJCZ or Samlight1 Set
                        PCIndustrial Computer1 Set
                        Display screenLED1 Set

                        Laser Output Power20W30W50W100W
                        Beam Quality M2<1.3<1.3<1.3<1.3
                        Q-Switch Frequency20kHz~200kHz30kHz~200kHz50kHz~200kHz50kHz~200kHz
                        Marking Area100×100~200x200mm (Option)100×100~200x200mm(Option)100×100~200x200mm(Option)100×100~200x200mm(Option)
                        Marking Depth≤1mm≤1.5mm≤2mm≤2mm
                        Machine Consumable Power800W800W800W800W
                        Min line width0.03mm0.04mm0.05mm0.06mm
                        Repeatability Precision±0.0001mm±0.0001mm±0.0001mm±0.0001mm
                        Voltage220V±10% / 50Hz /2.5A220V±10% / 50Hz /2.5A220V±10% / 50Hz /2.5A220V±10% / 50Hz /2.5A
                        Machine Dimension750mm×600mm×1400mm750mm×600mm×1400mm750mm×600mm×1400mm750mm×600mm×1400mm
                        Cooling SystemAirAirAirAir