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                        3K Laser -- laser and automation intelligent equipment solutions provider

                        YAG laser welding machine
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                        Equipment introduction:

                        YAG laser welding machine is a fixed optical path integrated laser welding machine, LCD screen button control system, current closed loop feedback control laser power supply, pulse waveform can be set 8 segments, can be used for welding different materials metal; can automatically run in-plane editing Tracks such as points, lines, circles, squares, arcs, and complex planes; automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, overlay welding and sealing welding.

                        Applicable materials:

                        Welding between the same steel: carbon steel, ordinary alloy steel, stainless steel, welding between different steels: stainless steel - low carbon steel, 416 stainless steel - 310 stainless steel, 347 stainless steel, nickel electrode - cold forged steel, double nickel content Welding of metal, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver and other metals and their alloys.

                        Application industry:

                        Mobile communication, jewelry crafts, electronic components, sensor instruments, precision machinery, hardware, auto parts and so on.

                        Example application:

                        Widely used in mobile phone metal shell, battery welding, glasses frame welding, keyboard welding, silicon steel sheet welding, sensor welding, stainless steel appliances (kettle, vacuum cup, bowl), door handles, spark plugs, filters, nozzles, electric heating tubes, etc.

                        Welding effect:

                        The workpiece to be welded has small deformation, no connection gap, high welding depth/width ratio, and high speed.

                        Laser PowerDedicated constant current high frequency pulse laser power supply1set
                        Laser GeneratorNd:YAG1set
                        Cooling SystemWater 1set
                        High precision ball screw automatic workbench
                        Lifting workbenchManual Control,200mm1set
                        Lifting output headAutomatic Control,100mm1set
                        Control System 5.7'Touch CNC system1set
                        Observation systemCCD Surveillance +Red Light Indicate1set

                        Machine Dimension1195mm×680mm×1135mm
                        Laser GeneratorYAG
                        Pump Source Xenon lamp
                        Max Power300W400W500W
                        Max single Pulse Energy60J80J100J
                        Control System MCU+CPLD
                        Pulse Width0.1~20.0ms0.1~20.0ms0.1~20.0ms
                        Continous Frequency0~200Hz0~200Hz0~200Hz
                        Processing effectWeldingWeldingWelding
                        Solder joint size0.3~2.0mm0.3~2.0mm0.3~2.0mm
                        Welding Depth0.1~2.0mm0.1~2.0mm0.1~2.0mm
                        Continous Welding Speed18mm/s25mm/s32 mm/s
                        Observation systemCCD Surveillance
                        Aiming and positioningRed light indication
                        Movement System3 Axises(X、Y axis Automatic,Z axis handle)
                        Control terminalTouch screen CNC system
                        Max Travel200 mm×100 mm×60 mm
                        Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm(X Axis、Y axis )
                        Repeatability Precision±0.03mm(X axis、Y axis)
                        Cooling SystemSplit external circulation water cooling
                        Cooling Power 3P Chiller5P Chiller7P Chiller
                        Chiller Size(L×W×H)630mm×380mm×760mm/850mm×250mm×1100mm
                        Power Systems12kW,three-phase15kW,three-phase18kW,three-phase
                        Consumable partsPulse Xenon lamp、Filter、Protection Lens、Protective gas
                        Optional accessoriesCustomized Rotary workbench