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                        3K Laser -- laser and automation intelligent equipment solutions provider

                        Galvanometer fiber laser welding
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                        High-speed galvanometer laser welding machines are the choice for spot welding, seam welding and long pulse drilling applications. Air-cooled, compact construction. Pulse and continuous working mode, good welding repeatability, stable laser output power, high processing consistency, small deformation, no contamination of solder joints, no porosity in welding.


                        ■ Fast scanning speed, large range, eliminating the need for a linear motion axis.

                        ■ Optional extended X, Y axis electric moving platform, suitable for use in welding areas beyond the scope of galvanometer scanning.

                        ■ The galvanometer Z-axis is electrically adjusted for easy focus adjustment.

                        ■ Optional CCD vision system for easy observation of welding results.


                        High-efficiency laser spot welding or sealing welding for new energy, 3C, IT electronics, optical communications, precision hardware and other products.


                        Suitable for welding of precision stainless steel, carbon steel sheet, copper foil, aluminum foil, gold, silver and other metals.

                        Product NameItemsSpec and BrandMark
                        High Speed Galvanometer Laser Welding MachineFrame Structure3K LaserOverall rigidity is good, high strength. Processed by large CNC milling machine, Precision Linear Guides, Marble workbench to ensure precision cutting and welding. all welding parts will be treated instantly. eliminate welding stress and distortion,effectively prevent structural deformation.
                        Laser GeneratorOption
                        Cutting/Welding headImport
                        Cooling tankDouble temperature dual control

                        Max.Average Power(Pulse Mode)150W300W450W600W
                        Max.Average Power(Continous Mode)250W300W450W600W
                        Max Pulse Energy15J30J45J60J
                        Max peak power1500W3000W4500W6000W
                        Cooling SystemAir
                        Pulse Width0.2-50ms
                        Working ModePulse/Continous