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                        3K Laser -- laser and automation intelligent equipment solutions provider

                        Two heads laser marking
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                        product description:

                        This machine adopted a highly integrated fiber laser and high-speed scanning galvanometer. output power is stable, optical mode is good, suitable for fine and precise marking; small size, full air-cooled, no consumables, maintenance-free, meet the needs of industrial continuous work; can be equipped with imported or domestic lasers according to requirements.


                        ■ Marks a variety of metal and non-metal materials.

                        ■ Non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good marking quality.

                        ■ Good beam quality, low loss, and small heat affected zone.

                        ■ High processing efficiency, computer control, and easy to realize automation.

                        Application industry:

                        Widely used in plastic transparent buttons, integrated circuits (IC), digital products, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring tools and knife, watches and clocks, electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile communication components, automobile and motorcycle accessories, High-precision product identification industry for plastic products, medical equipment, building materials and pipes.

                        Applicable materials:

                        Suitable for high hardness alloys, electroplating products, coating products, ABS, epoxy resin, ink coating products, ceramics, engineering plastics, etc.

                        Product NameItemsBrandQTYRemark
                        Two heads Fiber Laser marking MachineFrame Structure3K Laser1 SetAS Fig
                        Laser GeneratorIPG、SPI、V-Gen、 Nerfurn、JPT、MAX、Raycus(Option)1 Set
                        GalvanometerChina or import(Option)1 Set
                        Software and Control CardJCZ or Samlight1 Set
                        PCIndustrial Computer1 Set
                        Display screenLED1 Set

                        Output Power20W30W50W100W
                        Beam Quality M2<1.3<1.3<1.3<1.3
                        Laser Q-Switch Frequency20kHz~200kHz30kHz~200kHz50kHz~200kHz50kHz~200kHz
                        Marking Area100×100~200x200mm Option100×100~200x200mm Option100×100~200x200mm Option100×100~200x200mm Option
                        Marking Depth≤1mm≤1.5mm≤2mm≤2mm
                        Machine Power Consumption800W800W800W800W
                        Min line width0.03mm0.04mm0.05mm0.06mm
                        Repeatability Precision±0.0001mm±0.0001mm±0.0001mm±0.0001mm
                        Voltage220V±10% / 50Hz /2.5A220V±10% / 50Hz /2.5A220V±10% / 50Hz /2.5A220V±10% / 50Hz /2.5A
                        Dimension of machine750mm×600mm×1400mm750mm×600mm×1400mm750mm×600mm×1400mm750mm×600mm×1400mm
                        Cooling SystemAirAirAirAir